Flash Web Site Design

Some of the coolest websites on the web are flash designs. They are eye catching, functional and entertaining for your visitors. This type of impression is what usually entices a potential customer to contact you to learn more about what you can offer them. I'll work with you to understand your specific needs to help determine which template would be your best option.

When I customize your design I'll utilize your materials, photos, text and even music. I can also optimize your meta tags and integrate "actual" content on your landing page to give you a better chance to be indexed well by Google. Flash designs are made using high quality stock photos and Web 2.0 imagery.

Custom Flash Web Design Summary

This is what I typically include in a design:
  • Create a unique design
  • Integrate your logo and tag line
  • Develop navigation and transition
  • Add music or special sounds
  • Integrate contact form with your email server

Flash Template Customization Summary

Template customization normally includes:
  • Integrate your logo and tag line
  • Replace photos and images
  • Replace text and content
  • Replace or remove music
  • Provide up to three pop-up screens with more information
  • Integrate contact form with your email server

Flash SEO Additions

  • Meta tag optimization
  • Provide "actual" content for Google indexing
  • Keyword analysis
  • Keyword integration
  • Integration with Google Web Master Central
  • Cross link research
  • Submission to top search engines

You can call me Mon-Fri 9am-9pm if you have any questions. Please leave a message if I don't answer and I'll get back with you as soon as possible.
(614) 592-7354

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